Our Awards

Please check this page regularly as we will update our monthly gifts and announce the winners every 5th of the month. Fly high time and win them all!

DASH Merchandise Each month a BONUS is added to the Gift Card drawing and any item from our Merchandise store will be awarded to the winner.
Amazon Gift Card - $20.00 We are happy to announce that every month we will be awarding one of our most active pilots with an Amazon Gift Card. Any pilot that logs 15hrs of ACARS filed "successful" flight will earn the chance of entering the drawing. The winner will be provided with a digital Amazon Gift Card of $10.00 value to shop with immediately. The contest will begin on the 1st of each month (00:01EST) and close by the 30th(or31st) of each month. (23:59EST) Don't forget to book your flights and use ACARS to f