About Us

Dash Airlines Virtual (DSH) was established in 2019 on the foundation of aviation enthusiasm and continual learning within the flight simulation community. We are not in affiliation with any real-world airline; merely a group of enthusiasts simulating a regional airline based in Baltimore, Ft Lauderdale, San Diego and Saint Louis.

The founder, Isaac Angel has been flying on simulation platforms for over a decade to include flying for many virtual airlines. Yet throughout the years he discovered most VAs either interject severely strict operation rules of which corrodes the fun element of flying or opt-out of any structure which derails the learning/realism components of aviation.

Dash Airlines takes on the mean between the extremes, we welcome pilots who want to fly any flights from short to longhaul and enjoy flying different types of aircraft. Although we have ranks and virtual compensation, emphasis is placed on the quality of PIREPS. Traditional VAs place heavy emphasis on flight hours and ranks, although we track this as well, it says very little about the quality of the flight. Our automatic PIREP system grades each flight to ensure our virtual passengers experience nothing less than excellent. So, sure you can jump on the flight deck of a 777 or E145, but whats your score? Landing FPM? We have a saying here, fly quality over quantity.

Dash embraces realism by providing routes for each service, embracing a checklist, encouraging VATSIM, and providing fun at all times. Our Values are simple We are committed to excellence, committed to our guests/passengers, and most importantly, committed to our pilots.

Our mission is set - Establish sustainable market share within the VA community by fostering brilliance and devotion to our pilots - Our Vision is clear - To become a great small airline.

Are you ready to Fly Different?